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Post by Gissy555 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:04 pm

Hey! Hola! 哎! Hejsan! Welcome to RebornCraft! Where all your needs are satisfied! Great moderators, awesome admins, and totally cool head admin! Don't forget the rad owners, though! Jmstolle is a friggin' fun owner and very fair. Cody_Brooks is funny and happy! Got a problem that admins can't help you with? Consult it with the High Admins; Gissy555, M0RD3C41, and LuxNox! By the way, dude, not all of us are serious. Some people on the server will be trolls; Some will be fun and helpful; Some will be mean and hateful. But hey, you can start your own group of people Very Happy !


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