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Post by [Owner]jmstolle on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:10 pm

1. Can I be staff? Yes, if you meet the standards.
2. I've been griefed! What do I do? It's really quite simple, just do /ticket Grief while you're in game. First, staff will check to be sure it wasn't a Donator who griefed you. If not, the player will face the consequences.
3. How do I rank up? All signs at spawn have all the information you need to know about ranking up.
4. Why can't I buy stuff at shops? Well, you're obviously not a high enough rank.
5. How can I donate? All the information you need will pop up when you do /donate in game.
6. How do I become a Regular? Simple, ask any online staff member.
7. I really want to be staff, but my application was denied. Re-apply and improve your application! There's no limit to the amount of times you can apply, so give it a go!
8. Why can't I connect to the server? Well, there are various reasons you might not be able to connect. You could have a problem with your Wifi connection. There could be a Minecraft update, or an update for an outdated plugin. Unless it's unexpected, we will inform you through this website when/if the server will be temporarily down, and when it will be back up.
9. I have a suggestion for a plugin/website. We are always looking for new suggestions, but the appropriate place to post it is here:


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