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Post by [Owner]jmstolle on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:41 pm

Click the link to donate, it's that easy!

$1 Nickname package: Tired of having the same old name when you join the game? Now you have access to /nick! On top of that, we'll give you access to chat colors!
$5 /fly package: Being swarmed by mobs? Sick of losing your valued inventory? Want to just take off, and fly away, even while in survival? Well now you can! Just donate and receive access to /fly in the survival world!

*Note you will not have the [Donator] prefix for this.
$10 Donator starter package: By donating this, you are giving yourself the cool orange Donator prefix, AND getting access to the Donator freebuild creative world! Just do /goto creative in game! (Includes 1$ package)
$20 WorldEdit package: You now have FULL access to WorldEdit in the creative world!
$50 Grief permissions package: Speaks for itself. Happy griefing, my new ninja. Rule this server for EVIL!!!! >Smile

NOTE: If there is something in specific you desire to do/have that is NOT included in the Donator packages above, then you can contact me, [Owner]jmstolle, in game or on this website.

Thank you for your donations! We really appreciate it, and thank you for help keeping RebornCraft up and running!


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