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Post by hinds on Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:06 pm

IGN: Hinds
Rank on RebornCraft: my rank is regular
Why do you want to be staff here? Aim for 5+ sentences: because i really wont to help everyone and the server and i love to play and build and help and this server is AMAZING.
Do you have a Skype?(Note this won't hurt you if you don't: i do have skype and i have the owner jmstolle.
Any previous staff experience?: i have a small classic server and i was co-owner on wrath's server sadly it was hacked but i still know some commands.
Additional comments(s): i am 10 years old and i am very adjective on minecraft and if i get staff i would be on much more to help.

                                                                            THANKS for reading HINDS.


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